Monday, September 15, 2008

Stefany and Mike

The day after Katie and Logan's wedding, I drove down to Milwaukee to shoot Stefany and Mike's engagements. I simply adore downtown Milwaukee and cannot wait to explore it more when I move to WI next year. Stefany and Mike were so fun to get to know and after hearing about their wedding details I'm so excited to be shooting it next year in the summer.


Kellee Smith said...

Fantastic shoot! Absolutely beautiful!

Stefany said...

Oh my gosh....they're here!!!!!!! You are amazing! I love your vision and style. Who else could take an alley in Milwaukee and make it so beautiful (and how cute is that shot of the flower & our feet!!) I love love LOVE them!
Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent with us. Can't wait for more.

Amanda said...

Love the shoe shot! Your locations are awesome! Maybe it takes getting out of Utah for a bit :)