Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jayce and Jenny Gift opening

After my brothers wedding Jayce and Jenny thought it would be nice to have a gift opening at Jenny's mothers house the day after the wedding. Like always I brought my camera to take some snapshots. I absolutely LOVE the pics of Macy and Buster(the dogs!). Jenny thought it would be cute to put a little tiara on Macy and a bow tie on Buster. Me being a dog lover myself I totally wanted those for my dogs :)

The gift opening was fun with lots of laughs. Jenny even got a gift from her grandparents that had passed away. It was very touching to see her open their gift. Check out the slideshow and take a peek at some of the photos below.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


While I was home in Wisconsin for my brothers wedding a couple weeks back I thought I would take some pictures of the country. I had almost forgotten how beautiful Wisconsin is in the summer.

I visited a lot of places of my childhood. I used to go to this campground called "Paradise Valley" when I was a kid almost every weekend. It's no longer a campground. I got a few shots of the place and most importantly got a shot of "the lodge". It was a wooden cabin that all the kids went to to play games, listen to music and eat. It is now pretty close to collapsing.

I also got a shot of the house I was born in and the house I spent 20 years of my life in before I moved here to Utah. Oh, and I also put baby Cameron in there too just because he's so cute :)


Friday, August 04, 2006

I love you for sentimental reasons...

I wasn't the official photographer for my brothers wedding but I did manage to sneak a lot of good shots of them.

I didn't get any of the ceremony because I was in it! Yay! My first time being a bridesmaid. It was awesome! I loved my dress and the flowers were beautiful. Everything was wonderful. The ceremony was touching and when they lit their unity candle my brother(Tyler) sang "Til there was you" on guitar. I cried of course!

After some group shots in the church we headed down to a park near the church to get more group shots. A lot of photos from the slideshow are from there and some from the reception.


A few photos