Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preethi and Daniel Wedding

It had rained in D.C nearly the whole week last week. But on Saturday the sun was shining all day and the temperature outside was heavenly. Preethi and Daniel were married in the D.C Temple in the morning. The temple there is gorgeous! There is a little forest behind it, perfect for nature pictures. I loved how Daniel couldn't get enough of Preethi. It was so sweet watching them together and seeing Daniel ask Preethi if she was comfortable and making sure she was happy. I love how he was totally not shy about showing his affection for her.

Later they held a Hindu ceremony at the reception site followed by dinner and dancing until midnight! The Hindu ceremony was so mysterious to me but I loved how detailed it was and the meaning for everything. It was very beautiful and I've always wanted to photograph a Hindu ceremony.

It was a long day but it was an amazing wedding and I'm very happy I had the opportunity to know Preethi and Daniel and their families and friends. Enjoy the many, many photos :)

Monday, May 26, 2008


The day after we arrived in D.C, we photographed Preethi's bridals in this cute little town near D.C. I was looking forward to working with Preethi again, because she is one brave bride! For one shot I made her sit on a tree branch and she was totally cool with it! When we did the engagements I made her trek in knee deep snow in flats and now I was asking her to climb a tree! Amazing! I promised her I wouldn't make her do anything outrageous on her wedding day :)

I'll be posting the wedding day images tomorrow so watch for those! I'm so excited to show them. They turned out fabulous!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out of town

I'll be out of town from Thursday May 22nd to Sunday May 25th. We will not have any email access but will have our phones on us. My husband and I are flying all the way out to D.C for Preethi and Daniel's wedding. Some of you may remember their engagements back in January. The day before the wedding we're doing Preethi's bridals in D.C so watch for her photos first thing when I get back!

Here's a picture of me in a photobooth at Michele and Brian's wedding in early May. I thought the photobooth was such a fun touch to their awesome wedding! Matt at Party Picturebooth owns the photobooth and lets brides and grooms rent it for their weddings. So cool!


Originally there were 4 photos but I hated the first two and didn't want to re-do it and waste their film on me!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Jessica wanted her bridals taken at Thanksgiving Point. The garden area where we went was beautiful and I've never even seen that part of TP before. I loved everything about Jessica's look including her dress. I've never seen one like it before! Pictures don't do justice though. Jessica is such a happy bride(but fierce as well! I love that!) and I'm thrilled to be shooting her wedding at the end of the month in Sandy.