Sunday, January 20, 2008

Preethi and Daniel

Preethi and Daniel found me through Becca and Tyler. I'm so excited they chose me for their wedding! They are getting married in the Washington D.C temple and then having an Indian ceremony after. I loved their engagement shoot since I've been away from work for so long. They wanted to go somewhere in the mountains for their engagements. I found a couple cool spots down a hill and brave little Preethi trekked down the snowy hill in her flats! Even after that they were both still in good spirits. You can totally tell Daniel is just plum crazy about Preethi. They were so happy despite the chilly weather. I just love them!

I can't wait for Preethi's bridals that we're shooting a couple days before the wedding in D.C!


Tyler said...

"Just plum crazy about her," is right!

My favorite is the 6th one down. :) I love that door! Where did you find it? Awesome colors in that shot.

I miss you!!

amber dawn said...

Great job on this engagement favorite is the last one. The expressions are so sweet! Great capture!

Tonya@RedDoorPhotography said...

That sounds like a really awesome wedding! The engagements look great!

nicole green said...

love these locations! :)

Tonya@RedDoorPhotography said...

I do know your husband! He is so rockin! I would love to work with you sometime. If you ever need a second shooter let me know. That would be so fun!

Becca and Ty said...

wow, I just realized I posted as "tyler" on this one. that's slightly awkward. ;)

beautiful shoot though!

Anna Page Photography said...

Haha! Becca I thought that was my brother Tyler! I'm like, it couldn't be Becca's Tyler, why would he say he misses me? lol! Thanks for clarifying :) And thanks to all you guys for always commenting. You're awesome!