Monday, July 03, 2006

Featured Photo!

This is so cool! One of my photos was accepted by the well-known David Beckstead on his site. Here is his website He only accepts photos that inspires him and I can't believe one of mine did! Here is the photo:

"This site is for juicy photographers only! All boring “sit in the box, un-tasty” photographers need not apply!" - Beckstead

Jill and Vince

What a great photo shoot to start my blog!

Jill and Vince were so fun to photograph. They pretty much let me choose the locations so I chose quite a few. I like to give a variety of photos to look at. I saw this red building in Salt Lake that would go perfectly with her dress! We also went to a few other locations. It was a fun day! Below are some of my favorites from the shoot and

Check out the slideshow!