Friday, August 29, 2008

Out of town

We'll be out of town from Friday, August 29th to Wednesday, September 10th. We'll have two weddings to blog about when we get back. I will have limited phone access but will have email access most of the time. We're driving all the way to Wisconsin for Jen and Jason and Katie and Logan's weddings. It'll be nice to be with my family as well so I'm excited! All print orders and photos will be finished when I get back.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


What a beauty! Alyssa really likes Europe, so I thought the City County Building would be perfect for her and her dramatic look. I love how they turned out! Especially her close-ups. She is a natural in front of the camera. I'm so looking forward to her wedding next month at one of my favorite venues!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rachel is so photogenic and could be America's next top model! I adore her dress and cannot wait for her wedding next month!

Raw food diet update

I am still surviving and I haven't cheated, thankyouverymuch. I had a little hissy fit last night with my husband, but other than that I am doing OK. One of my favorite things to eat is raw corn on the cob, guacamole dip and cabbage salad. I wont go into too much detail about my week so far since I want to save it for a blog at the end of the week, but it sure is interesting! Oh and I've lost like 2 or 3 pounds! That is one of the things that keeps me going! :)

I'm excited for a photoshoot tonight using my new baby. I've taken some test shots of my husband and I gotta say this is one amazing piece of equipment! I'll share some photos of the shoot later tonight :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raw Food

Starting tomorrow, I'll be going on a raw food diet for a week. So I'll only be eating raw vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds. You ask why I decided to do this? Well, my husband, Jonathan, has been a vegetarian since he moved out to Utah about 6 years ago. For awhile he ate raw food but then went off of it. Now he is trying to eat all raw food again and I kinda thought he was a little crazy! He read the book 12 Steps to Raw Foods and I decided to read it since I was on a reading craze(I had just finished the Twilight books and was wanting anything to read).

If you're considering eating raw food, I would definitely recommend this book. The woman who wrote the book talks about her family's poor health before going on all raw food. She had arrhythmia, her husband had many health problems including chronic rheumatoid arthritis, her daughter had asthma and her son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She was determined to find a way to make her family healthy, especially her son because she didn't want him to take insulin. She found the raw food diet and decided to try it with her family. She noticed a significant change in her families health within days!

The book also goes into how society is so dependent on processed foods and how cancer is claiming lives at an alarming rate every year because of processed foods. I used to depend on cooking all my veggies but in preparation of my week-long diet, I decided to eat my veggies raw including spinach. I ate spinach raw for weeks. One time while Jonathan and I went out to eat, I ordered a plate that had cooked spinach in it. I tried it and it was horrible only because I was used to eating it raw. Ever since I've been eating spinach raw, I've actually been craving it, which never happened before.

It's going to be one very interesting week for me since I'm so dependent on chocolate, milk and bread. I'm not looking forward to being deprived of those things, but I am excited on how I will feel while I'm on this diet(having more energy, not feeling weighed down). At the end of the week, I'll write a blog about how I feel and most likely all my hissy fits that my husband will have to put up with :)

Wish me luck!

Kiska and Paul Wedding

Kiska and Paul held their ceremony and reception at Log Haven. It is one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding. They had guests from all over the world come to celebrate their special day with them. The dance floor had people dancing all night and it was a blast photographing everyone having a good time. It was a very romantic wedding and I'm so glad I got to cature it. Be prepared for a lot of photos! :)

The beautiful flowers by Whimsy Floral