Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Raw food diet week

Well folks, I have finished my raw food diet week. I'm a little late in posting my blog about it so forgive me for that!

I am thrilled that the week is over, but I do plan on going back on it as soon as I get home from WI. I'm planning on staying on the diet until I lose the weight I'd like to lose and then slowely bring back the foods I love while making sure I don't gain the weight back.

The first day on the diet wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The night before I got to pig out on anything I wanted, so I was totally craving salad and fresh fruit. The second day was really, really hard. I was constantly eating because I felt like I was never full. Since I was eating so much, my neck and jaw hurt from chewing so the second day wasn't fun for me. I did have one hissy fit on the third day, but after that the rest of the week went surprisingly well. I totally thought I'd get huge headaches from the lack of carbs but I had no headaches the whole week. After the third day I got used to being a little hungry all the time and felt like I had more energy. I noticed that I got up earlier in the morning and slept soundly at night. My husband noticed the skin on my face had a slight glow and my blemishes were much clearer. I didn't shoot any weddings that week, but the photoshoots I did do, I felt less stressed than usual and I felt like I could consentrate a lot better than before.

On my fourth day, Jonathan and I ate at Omar's Raw Cuisine in Sugarhouse. After eating all our boring food at our home, eating Omar's food was wonderful! The dessert was so tasty, I could not believe it was all raw! We are going back there very soon!

Early Friday morning we started driving towards Wisconsin with our puppies. We all know how hard it is to eat healthy while traveling. I usually start my day with a spinach smoothie and since I didn't get to while traveling, I felt like I couldn't stay on the diet. Just like most people can't function without having their coffee in the morning, I can't without my smoothie :) That night Jonathan let me have pizza and the next morning we were cursing ourselves for eating it. Never again! It's like I totally forgot how that stuff makes me feel after I eat it.

Overall, I think I did pretty good. Usually I don't last more than 2 days on any diet. What really helped is that Jonathan was on the diet with me and we completely cleared our fridge and cabinets of processed foods. I lost almost 5 pounds during the week so it makes me excited to try it again when I get home!

I'll be one busy women this weekend with a wedding on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and an engagement session on Sunday. Can't wait to blog about all three next week!


Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

Congrats! So glad you did so well. I look forward to hearing about things as the journey continues...!

nicole green said...

man i should do this!! i'd love to lose at least 5 pounds. congrats!

Blush said...

good for you....maybe I can lose my 15 oh well I like my ice cream to much :) but this strawberry crumb thing looks totally yum

Alisha E. said...

Oh those look good!!!!!!!