Monday, April 09, 2007

We have a new "baby" in our house!

Well, Jonathan and I decided on a whim to adopt a dog this morning. We have always wanted another one and knew for sure that we wanted to rescue one from a shelter. We went to Toelle, Utah to get our new baby.

We haven't decided on a name yet, but we're thinking of Danny. Does he look like a Danny? Oh by the way, he is a rottweiler/basset hound mix. Sounds like a weird mix to me but he's adorable.

Not the best photo. Had to hurry because he was hiper this morning.

Anyway, I've actually never owned a dog this big(the biggest one I've ever had was a welsh terrier). So this is going to be interesting for me. Bigger dog equals bigger other things!

Our other dogs Dinah and Bill(miniture dachshunds) are not very welcoming. They are pretty scared of this new, big dog in our home but they will adjust over time. Thankfully Danny doesn't seem at all threatned by them and just wants to play with them.

He likes to follow me around our home and is currently sleeping right next to me while I'm at my computer. I'll probably post better photos of him in the future so watch for those!


nicole green said...

i have two basset hounds. they are the best dogs. :) he is SO cute. a b-hound rottweiler IS a weird mix .. but like you said, he is adorable! :) i think he does look like a danny. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I just adopted one of these myself. He's a puppy, 3 months old now. I got him when we was 2 ms old. he likes to follow me around the house too and is now sleeping in his bed right by my bed. He's super cute! i'm wondering how big he will get. How old id Danny and how big is he now?

Anna Page Photography said...


We found out about a year after I posted this blog that Danny is actually a basset hound/parson russell terrier/min pin mix. We got him as a stray so the shelter assumed he was a basset hound/rottweiler mix because he has the coloring of a rottie.

We're thinking Danny is now about 4. He is the same size as the picture(about 40 pounds).