Saturday, April 28, 2007


Brittney is probably one of the sweetest brides I've ever met. Not only is she sweet as a bride but as a person too. She was so worried about how she looked but she really didn't need to be! Her bridal shoot was so relaxed and fun. She brought along some of her friends too which made it even more fun. The more the merrier!

We went to this park in Salt Lake and all the workers there let us use the inside of the buildings. They were all so nice and didn't mind that we were there after it closed. There was one building we went into that had a lot of cool chairs and couches that of course we had to use. Brittney also had the coolest shoes ever! I love it when brides have colored shoes!



Dustin Izatt said...

oh wow, I love these shots Anna, you have some mad skills.

Opie said...

I really like the red shoes. Your use of color is amazing. Great shots girl!

Amanda said...

I love the location and the red shoes are killer. You got some great shots of such a beautiful bride.