Sunday, April 08, 2007


I found out that Jacquee loves water. I stumbled upon Saltair one day and thought it was the perfect place for her bridals since its so close to the Great Salt Lake. We also stopped at one place I had in mind right near where I live before we headed to Saltair. David came along which I loved because you never would think the groom would see the bride before the ceremony. They are pretty laid back about that superstition(so am i!).

They were both such troopers. I had no idea their would be so many bugs out there and I think we all handled it pretty well. Thank you guys for toughing that out. It sure was annoying but worth the beautiful photos we got.

Check out the slideshow and the song for it that was picked by David :)

Her Slideshow


jacque lynn photography said...

These are so fun and beautiful
Anna! I also love her name ;) Great post processing and I just love salt air. Her dress really is fun, I love when brides have color with their dresses!
Great stuff!


nicole green said...

you did such a great job! i have never seen a dress like that. i absolutely love it. :)

Dustin Izatt said...

Wow Anna, these are some amazing shots and the bride and dress are absolutely gorgeous. You have some mad skills Anna

Anna Page Photography said...

Thanks you guys for your comments. I know, her dress is so pretty. Can you believe her and her mom made it? I was stunned.

Ricki Ford said...

These are some awesome shots..