Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coffee Table Books

I haven't been hanging around the blogging world that much lately. We have been pretty busy packing some things away and "un-cluttering" our apartment before we move. I finally got one of my sample albums in the mail a week or so ago. It is beautiful!

I chose to get a sample of Rachel and Ryan's wedding that was back in September. I chose a 10x10 coffee table book with a black book case to protect it(all coffee table books come with these!).

They also come with a slip cover.

The pages are pretty thin and flimsy.

The book case that comes with the book can be either red or black. You can also choose a custom hot stamp for the case. Most couples either put their names or the wedding date.


Stella said...

Blurb? Who makes these?

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna! Their book is just gorgeous! And that is our wedding date too. Beautiful work, as always.

Sherry Ward said...

As always... gorgeous and classy!

Faith said...

is this a book published by blurb? who do you usually use for your wedding books?