Sunday, June 24, 2007

Courtney and Nate

"Texas is hot"! That is what Courtney put in her info sheet that I gave her to fill out when she booked me. I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't as hot as I expected! I'm so honored that Courtney and Nate chose me to photograph their wedding. I've never been to Texas so it was really exciting for me to travel there.

Courtney and Nate were married in the Dallas Temple and had their reception at the Cacharel restaurant in Arlington, Texas. They also had a luncheon between the ceremony and reception at the Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine. They invited my husband and I to the luncheon and I ate catfish for the first time! We took some photos of the bride and groom after the luncheon at the resort. I gotta say, that place is a photographer's Disneyland! It has great lighting everywhere.

The reception location was pretty sweet. It had a great view of the city. Courtney and Nate were surrounded by friends and family that loved them so much. Their reception was so fun. I found myself teary eyed when Courtney's uncle read a poem he wrote about her and when Courtney and her dad had their father daughter dance. The band they chose was spectacular and I knew every song they played. I love the old standards! Courtney has a really talented family. Her brothers and one of her sisters got up to sing and I was really impressed.

Thank you to everyone for your kindness towards my husband and I on our trip to Texas. We had fun! Enjoy the photos, their is a lot of them! :)


nicole green said...

i can't even pick a favorite because i like so many!! :) grrreat job!

jacque lynn photography said...

Anna, these are so great! Your colors and sharpness look incredible! Lucky you, getting to do a wedding in texas :)


Dustin Izatt said...

Oh my goodness, you rocked the house on all of these shots. Great emotions, compositions, colors, poses, the whole kit and kaboodle. You have some mad skills.