Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kaitlen and Tim wedding

Ceremony at St. Cecilia Catholic Church.
Reception at The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

I love the look of nervousness and excitement on Kaitlen's face here.

I love humor during a ceremony.

This was a total candid! So cute! Kaitlen and Time used to work for Tommy Bartlet's so we took some shots by there.

This kid had some insane moves on the floor.


Becca said...

Without fail, every time I come to your blog I think, "This is straight out of a magazine." So beautiful.

PS The bride's hair is PERFECT!

Olivia said...

Looove the shots of the bride & groom in front of the blue wall- they all turned out so great! I'll have to agree with Becca, they look straight out of a magazine!

Katelyn said...

I love that she is such a happy bride! She's smiling in every picture! It's so cute! Great job yet again Anna!