Sunday, August 16, 2009

Megan and Gavin wedding

I just love these two love birds. Megan and Gavin were married at the Overture Center in Madison. Their ceremony was something very special. Only immediate family attended(total of 5 guests). Gavin and Megan wrote their own vows to each other. Gavin's vows were definitely unique with one of them being "I promise that you will be my BFF". It was such a laid-back, "anything goes" kind of ceremony. I just love how different it all was and it was an honor to witness.

I adored all the buttons they put on all the tables for the reception. And the mustache's for the photo booth were a hit!


Megan said...

Anna, we LOVE them!! Thank you so so much for the beautiful photos. We cannot wait to see them all!

Michelle said...

Those pics by that round window are just simply stunning.

What a fun couple, I loved all the details.

jay said...

you've captured the beauty and love between megan and gavin wonderfully. your work is stunningly beautiful. i particularly love the black and white shots. seeing these photos brought a tear to my eyes. i cannot wait to see the rest of the photos.
congrats megan and gavin!

mrs. brittany said...

amen sister to curvy cloths! ;-) i love this charming! we should get together sometime for tea or do some fun shooting together (bridal) might be fun ;-) i love making new friends (specially photogs!)

Teri said...

These are beautiful pictures. Megan and Gavin look so happy and the photos definately captured that. Congratulations again Megan and Gavin. I wish you both a very happy marraige.

Love, Teri