Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emerson needs a new home!

I just recently photographed a family last month that brought their dog Emerson with them for the photo shoot. Melissa and I are great friends and when she told me that she had to give Emerson away I felt so bad. I want to post a blog about adorable Emerson and hopefully someone will fall in love with her. She is a 9 month old, 5 pound, 1/2 chihuahua 1/2 jack Russell terrier female with updated shots. I have worked with Emerson myself and she is the sweetest thing and poses fabulously for pictures! :)

Please email me at if you're interested in adopting Emerson or for more info.


Becca said...

If I were living anywhere close to Utah we would adopt him!!!!


ps I love your blog header. love love love.

nicole green said...

oh my gosh look at that face!! :( i'll keep my fingers crossed he finds a home. my brother lives in SLC so maybe i can convince him he needs another dog. ;)

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! She is so cute! I so wish I could have another dog. I will ask around :)