Thursday, July 03, 2008

Out of town

We'll be out of town from July 3rd through July 7th. We can best be reached by email. I'll have 1 wedding and 1 engagement session to blog about when I get back!

These were taken on the way back from Arcadia when we did Katie and Dylan's pictures. I was amazed to see another rainbow because we caught one during Katie's bridals(and it looks amazing in the background of a few of the pictures!). That part of Wisconsin is so beautiful. *they were taken as we drove by so they are not as great as they could have been! oh well!


preethi said...

Holy amazing shots and the LIGHT. Oh my, the light. My pictures-from-a-moving-car definitely do not turn out like that. You rock.

Brooke said...

your a busy women always outta town! have fun