Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kenzi and Matt Wedding

Kenzi and Matt were married on Friday at the Bountiful Temple with a ring ceremony and reception at a Riverton residence. I loved how colorful their wedding was! They gave their guests lots of yummy sweets and everyone was dancing the night away. This was one fun wedding to photograph!


Erin Langford said...

These are gorgeous!

chidester said...

Father of the bride says this was an awesome wedding and an incredible photographer catching every moment of Matt & Kenzi's special day. Congratulations!!!! and I want to thank all who took part in putting this all together.



Tanner said...

These beautiful pictures are a representation of the beautiful couple that Kenzi and Matt are, and their beautiful life that they have ahead of them. We are so very proud of the correct decisions that they are making and have always made in their lives. Congratulations.

We love you,

Mike, Annette, and family

Tiffany Izatt said...

What a beautiful couple, these are awesome. those flowers are awesome for her bouquet also. Everything looks awesome.

Alisha E. said...

Saweet shots! Totally love the vehicle they left in. Wonderfully done girlie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenzi and Matt, your wedding was amazing! Your photos are something to treasure for the rest of your life! They turned out amazing! I love you! -Casie Johnnson