Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Out of town

I'll be traveling quite a bit this summer. I'm excited to be shooting a wedding in Yorba Linda, California this weekend. I will only have my phone on me so all emails will be answered when I get back on Sunday.

So, my goal is not not make any of my blog posts picture-less. I had no idea what to post except maybe one of my own wedding pictures! Ever wonder what kind of photos a wedding photographer has? I loved my photographer.

Barksdale Photography.

My hair looks awful and kinda wind-blown, but what a sweet moment! My favorite wedding photo :)


Becca said...

SO beautiful, anna :)

Jacque said...

Anna!!! You looked beautiful on your wedding day :)
Im so excited to have my own big day next year. Lets hope I can look that pretty!

Brittney Rae Daniel Liechty said...

you guys are just too cute! i love it! it is an awesome picture!