Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alyssa and Ben

I met with Alyssa last year when she booked me for her September wedding. I've been so excited to work with her and Ben and I'm so looking forward to the big day. Alyssa decided she wanted her engagements taken at Red Butte Gardens. I've never been there and I have to say its one of my new favorite places! Alyssa and Ben are one hot couple so my job was really easy :)


Becca said...

wow - I love that shot with the sun. do you have on a star lens or something? it's fabulous. what a cute couple :)

A Digital Darkroom said...

I love the third from the bottom - what a perfect candid! I just love your eye.

Brooke said...

holy crap I love these! were is that last picture shot at! INLOVE!!! hot couple! I have been wanting jeshs textures...I have a few others but want those! is that what your using? if not Im shocked!

Anna Page Photography said...

Thanks Becca! No star filter for that one, so I'm amazed it turned out the way it did.

ADD, that is my favorite too :)

Brooke, I can't remember exactly where that last one was taken. It's off the path somewhere in between where they hold the ceremonies and where they hold the receptions. It's a little hidden.