Monday, July 30, 2007

Janelle and Greg bridals

I just love how Janelle and Greg's pictures turned out. I have wanted to go to the Union Pacific building at the Gateway for awhile and I'm glad I finally got to use some of my ideas. So many turned out great so there are a lot of photos! And I am in LOVE with Janelle's dress! They are getting married on August 11th. I've had more inquiries for that date than the popular 07-07-07 date! Their wedding sounds like it will be beautiful. I can't wait!

Experimenting with light

For dad


Rebekah said...

What the?! Your pictures are looking SOO awesome. I am officially jealous!

threewinks said...

Wow! Love these! I've thought it would be cool to shoot there, but never got around to it. If I go there, you totally get credit! My faves are #11, #14 and #15.