Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ellie and Steven's lucky day!

This has to be one of my favorite weddings! The day started out with a luncheon at the North Hampton House in American Fork. I have never been there and I thought the place was beautiful and the food is delicious. Thank you guys for inviting my husband and I to the luncheon!

Ellie and Steven were married at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. When we arrived it was threatning rain. When they came out of the temple it was incredibly windy but I'd take wind over 100 degree heat any day! Ellie's dress kept flying up from the wind and she was always making a Marilyn Monroe pose. We ended their portraits at a nearby field and the sun was just peeking out of the clouds and made for fantastic lighting! I adore those pictures!

I love all the little details about their reception. It was held at Steven's uncle's beautiful home in Lehi. By the time the reception started the sun decided to come out of the clouds. Everyone danced the night away and I got a little emotional when Ellie and Steven had their first dance. Something about the first dance always gets me! Their song was "New Years Project" by Further Seems Forever. The most unique first dance song I've heard and I love that!

They had the coolest exit by far! They had their guests squirt water with tiny squirt guns but little did they know that Ellie and Steven had super soakers! Surprise! What a fun ending to a fun day!

It was a pleasure getting to you and your families! You guys are awesome!


Opie said...

I've been checking all day for your 7-7-07 wedding post and I must say I'm very pleased! amazing lighting as always. Love the one in the field with the mountains in the background.

nicole green said...

these are beautiful! looks like a super fun day. :)

Kate Mefford said...

precious! fresh and full of happy emotion!

Captivating Studios said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of all your gorgeous mountains! Great work! And thanks for the compliment on my blog!

Paige Elizabeth said...

Oh ! These are wonderful! And that getaway with the super soakers is just perfect!