Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Missy and Mike wedding

I could not wait to shoot Missy and Mike's wedding at the Manti Temple in Manti, Utah a couple weekends ago. When I lived in Utah I had always wanted to shoot at the Manti Temple. I mean, look at how gorgeous that thing is! So I was thrilled when Missy and Mike wanted me to shoot their special day.

It could have been a little warmer but the weather was perfect. Not too windy and just enough sunlight to make the photos extra pretty. Missy and Mike even slipped and fell right on their bellies in the snow at one point. You wont be able to tell that that happened from looking at the photos. Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of that as I was in horror watching the whole thing :) I like that my clients don't hate me for making them walk in snow for some pretty photos!

Reception at Red Butte Gardens.

What I loved about this wedding:

Missy's dress- I was floored when I first saw Missy in her dress during her bridal shoot in October. Total eye candy of a dress! The jacket is the icing on the cake. Absolutely stunning.

Mike's Tux- Best tux I've seen, ever! The color looked so perfect next the snow outside.

Missy's bouquet-Hello, it had pine cones in it!

The frost on the tree branches while I was taking pictures outside of the temple during their sealing.

The bridesmaids tights!

All of their family and friends who were so welcoming and gracious.

Missy and Becca, one of my past clients who has become a good friend :)



preethi said...

Oh man. I love how every detail is so artistic and beautiful and so MISSY. Anna, you captured it absolutely perfectly. So so lovely. I wish I could've been there!

andy stenz said...

gorgeous as always anna! well done!

carrie said...

So gorgeous! Their photos look like a winter fairytale. I love them.

Caitlin said...

I LOVE all of these! Way to go Anna!!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

20, 21, 22 down are my favorite. The sage brush coming out of the snow is so UTAH, I love it. Missy is such a gorgeous bride!

Missy Johnson said...

Anna! You captured the day absolutely perfectly! I LOVE them! yes yes yes yes! I knew you'd do it wonderfully!

Spencer Hale said...

You rocked this one Anna! fantastic as usual. I really like the one from the side of the stairs, and the backlit one of them dancing.
Utah misses you.

Katherine said...

that is a beautiful wedding. makes me wish i had gotten married in the winter!

bethany said...

absolute perfection! every image is so beautiful, i could cry! what a gorgeous and happy couple. they were so lucky to have you there!

Heather Telford said...

Okay so I have to ask how you got those amazing shoots indoor at night like that its so soft and sharp at the same time.. was it your iso/aperture or did you use flash at all.. Sorry to ask you but these are just beautiful you did a great job..