Monday, April 07, 2008

Grand Canyon

I was so excited to go to the Grand Canyon the day after Demetrius and Allison's wedding. We met my friends and past clients Brittney and Mike there. Lucky them got to camp there that weekend!

It was really amazing! I can probably compare a sight like that to when I saw the Sistine Chapel in Italy when I was 16.

Me and the B-rit

Hubby and I

Jonathan snapped this one of me taking a photo with my holga. My mom will kill me after seeing that I sat so near the edge!


Brittney Rae Daniel Liechty said...

Hooray for the Grand Canyon! It was so breathtaking! When we first walked up to it I couldn't believe my eyes! I was so glad to meet up with you guys there! Oh & don't be too jealous...camping was, we'll just say, interesting :)

Opie said...

How do you like your Holga? I'm about ready to throw mine against a wall. I demand Holga pics.

Amanda Forbush Photography said...

First time commenter here, I love your blog!

Beautiful Images of the Grand Canyon!!