Sunday, April 13, 2008

Courtney and Tyler Wedding

Courtney and Tyler were married at the Timpanogos Temple. They had their sealing later in the day so they had the temple all to themselves. It was sunny and beautiful outside, but extremely windy and cold. Probably the worst wind I've delt with while shooting. Courtney and Tyler amazingly managed through the terrible weather and we got some great shots!

Their reception was a lot of fun to photograph! So many people danced and showed off their moves on the floor. Courtney and Tyler left while the party was still hopping! I worked with Spencer at Giant Brothers Wedding Films. Great videographer to work with!


Brooke said...

oI random but i swear I already post a comment on this wedding. so i guess I will do it again :)
I think the wind totally worked in your favor! beautiful! I love the dancing shots as well! your colors are always perfect!

Spencer said...

Thanks for the link, It really was a blast working with you guys. The photos turned out awesome, I really like the 4th one and the "pulling the tie" one. I will have the temple film up on my blog soon.

nicole green said...

oo my gosh look at those mountains!! :) i can't wait until i make it to salt lake city again. i've only been there once for my brother's wedding and i need to go back .. asap! :) beautiful photos!

Ricki Ford said...

Great job! You rock this one. The bride and groom in front of the mountain awesome shots.