Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ashley and Billy

Ashley and Billy were married last night at the First Presbyterian church in Salt Lake. I had so much fun photographing it, especially the group photos of the guys and the girls. The bridesmaid dresses were killer and I loved how all the groomsmen had long hair. The ceremony couldn't have been better and so many people came to support Ashley and Billy. They had their reception at a little place called Cucina hidden in the avenues of Salt Lake City. I live just a few blocks from that place and I'm so glad I finally got to go inside. The place was packed with family and friends while Postal Service and Frank Sinatra played in the background.


threewinks said...

Anna, these are fantastic! I love your shot with the bride and bridesmaids. Everything looks spectacular! You are awesome.

Dari said...

I really love the style of this whole wedding. The church looks like a beautiful place as well. You captured everything perfectly.

P.S. I love their long hair too ;)

nicole green said...

i love all the groomsmen & their long hair too! it's so different. these are great pictures! i'm sure they're going to love them all. :)